Carrefour Health Club has long been regarded as the Island’s premium health and fitness centre. Having recently undergone a full refurbishment, Carrefour boasts the most impressive arrangement of Olympic free-weights equipment and resistance equipment available. Covering all the exercises you would expect from a commercial gym and much much more.

DSC00829If your focus is resistance training, you can rely on Carrefour Health Club to support your aims and goals with a full range of specialist equipment. From fixed weight and cable machines, to free weights and more, we’ve got everything you need to challenge every muscle group in your body.

If you are looking for six pack abs, then resistance training is a good way to go about it, but it’s also ideal for general shaping and toning and burning body fat to aid weight loss.

We also have a large free weights area for everyone from intermediate abilities upwards. With our qualified instructors on hand to guide you, free weights can change your body shape for the better and when used with a specific CV programme they can help you gain all round fitness and the physique you are aiming for.

Our free weights areas include:

  • Multifunctional benches
  • Barbells, dumbells and squat rack
  • Bench presses – incline, flat and decline
  • Max Rack and pull-up machines
  • Abs benches and Roman chairs
  • Lots of mirrors to monitor your technique
  • Multiple pieces of weights to help avoid queues

Benefits for every body

Free Weights will help you achieve better muscle tone and increase muscle size as well as improving your stamina and endurance. But if body building isn’t not your main aim, they’re also great for improving general fitness and burning body fat. Feel free to see for yourself.

For further details about memberships or any queries regarding our facilities please contact us on 615595 or by email